Our goal is to impact the
global CX landscape

Coaktion was founded in 2021 to be an employer brand, and also to change the Customer Experience market. In our ecosystem, there are 5 companies – Aktie Now, Droz, Callwe, Workise, and PeopleXperience – that make that change become real.

We believe that CX through digital transformation is the way to create and shape better experiences for people.


The evolution of experience
begins from within

Our collabs have chosen the three pillars that underpin our culture: environment,
challenges, and people.

Based on these pillars, we wrote our values. And we believe that they sustain the creation of our #incomparable culture.

Be part of an ecosystem in constant evolution

Build a plan for your career and growth

Listen to those who build this #incomparable culture every day


Non-negotiable values


Without it we do not exist.

We have the freedom to be honest with everyone, without judging and always respecting each other.


Autonomy and results.

We rely on each other to act autonomously seeking for the best results.


We put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.

The strength of our team increases when we align ourselves and engage in a single purpose.

Humanization of Relationships

We value the human being for what he is

We work with technology, but never forget we are people dealing with people.


From beginning to the end of each project.

We are committed to what we agree on, from the beginning to the end of each project.


We are always in motion.

We are driven by challenges and transformations toward better solutions.

Autonomy and flexibility
lead to better results.

Part of our team works 100% remotely, and part in a hybrid mode (our Coway), adjusted to the needs of each position.

No matter the setup, we always provide autonomy, flexibility, and belonging, wherever our team might be.

We are +180 professionals
building better experiences

Join us to change the future of CX

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