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Hello. This is the form to request the application of the Rights of Personal Data Subjects. Upon receipt of the information indicated in this form, we will send a message to the email provided to confirm your request. The initial deadline for processing the request is up to 30 days. If in doubt, contact our DPO (Data Privacy Officer). His details are at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

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When exercising your rights through this channel, we will collect your personal data for analysis.

The legal basis for this data processing refers to the fulfilment of the legal obligation, in view of the need to establish means of contact between the data subject and the controller to exercise the rights listed by the Privacy and Personal Data Protection laws applicable to Co.Aktion.

​​After being forwarded, regardless of the request type, your data may remain retained for audit purposes by the competent supervisory authority. Any questions or requests related to your privacy should be forwarded to Co.Aktion’s DPO (Data Privacy Officer) via email:

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